Oil Blend Faves

I narrowed this faves list to 5, with explanations for why I chose them. These are the blends I reach for the most and always want available in my home. I’ll be brand specific for a reason!

Brand Acronyms
YL: Young Living
HEO: Heritage Essential Oils
PT: Plant Therapy
NAN: Native American Nutritionals

  • Peaceful (HEO)
    Contains the same oils as YL’s Peace and Calming, with the addition of mandarin red (citrus deliciosa) and frankincense (boswelia frereana). I tried YL’s Peace and Calming first from my starter kit and thought the smell was fine. It performed as advertised. Then I bought a sampler of the HEO Peaceful blend to compare and oh. my. word. The fragrance is divine, so relaxing, and I get the best sleep when I use it. It really helps me shut my brain off! I apply (diluted) on my wrists and sometimes behind my ears or under my nose. After a stressful day I love to add 1-2 drops to 2 cups of epsom salt and soak in the tub. HEO also makes a Peaceful Spray. As of this writing (6.1.15), YL is out of stock of Peace and Calming and HEO is rationing the blue tansy (one of the key oils for Peaceful) they have left. I purchased my sampler before the rationing began. Reading this notice from the HEO website gave me more confidence in my choice to trust HEO’s quality:
    HEO Blue Tansy Notice
  • Thieves (YL), Plague Defense (HEO), Germ Fighter (PT)
    YL trademarked the original blend name “Thieves” (inspired by the legend of the oils), but every oil company makes this popular blend (for good reason!). Just take a look at Annie Pryor’s (PhD, biochemistry) unbiased experiment to test how this blend (from several companies) KILLS GERMS. When diffused, it even kills airborne bacteria and toxic mold spores.

    A hot oil blend that smells like Christmas, Thieves contains Clove Bud, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. The ratios of oils determines the fragrance–and most EO companies keep blend ratios at least partially proprietary. I listed all the brands because I use them for different situations: PT (dirt cheap) for regular diffusing in my daughter’s room, YL and HEO for diffusing and topical application when we are actually battling illness or when it’s CHRISTMAS!
    One time my throat was hurting so bad and I was so desperate for relief I was willing to try anything. I put 1 drop of YL Thieves on the roof of my mouth. It burned like crazy for a couple minutes, then within 30 minutes I could swallow and talk without pain! I’m not huge on internal use, though, so most of the time I apply (diluted) on my throat or on the bottoms of feet (feet only, and very diluted, for children). YL & HEO blends smell so similar I can hardly tell the difference–PT is distinctly different (not as Christmasy, in my opinion).
    (BTW, this oil smells like Christmas.)
    As usual, HEO has wonderful information for using this blend correctly and carefully, as well as dozens of testimonials. Read up on safe use for children and pregnant/nursing moms. I do plan to try NAN’s blend one day…but I still have plenty of YL & HEO to use until then.
    NAN equivalent: Immune Strength
    dT equivalent: On Guard
  • The Allergy Trio
    A popular homemade blend of lavender (angustifolia), lemon, and peppermint used for allergy relief. I put 10 drops of each (3 drops each for the kids) in a 10ml roll-on applicator and fill the rest with carrier oil. Mark used this several times daily behind his ears and on his forehead (sometimes under his nose) to help control allergies and congestion early this past spring (2015) and it worked amazingly well. No more sneeze attacks and 10-minute nose-blowing sessions first thing in the morning (he gets up at 5am to get ready for work), he didn’t need his inhaler as often, and rarely needed Claritin. Now that Mark and I have addressed some underlying gut-health problems, he doesn’t even need the oils as much anymore! (remember, I’m big on addressing root causes of illness and ailments!) Since there’s peppermint in it, I only use on the kids’ feet (when needed, which isn’t often). Some moms aren’t comfortable using peppermint, even extremely diluted, on infants or very young children and leave it out of the blend…I guess that would be an “Allergy Duo?”
    The fragrance is refreshing and purifying. I love diffusing 1 drop of each oil together.
  • Purification (YL), Purify (HEO)
    A highly antiseptic blend that does what the name says: purifies. Contains Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Myrtle. When illness hits the house, I alternate using Thieves and Purification topically and diffusing. The best words to describe the fragrance: crisp and clean. We recently diffused this blend in a hotel room to get rid of a musty (mixed with a hint of urine) smell, and it worked like a charm during the 15 minutes it took us to haul in all our junk from the family minivan. Won’t be traveling again without our diffuser and Purification oil!
  • Sensual (PT)
    Smells great. I use on my wrists, on the inner side of at least one of my thighs, and sometimes on my neck. Helps me. A lot. ‘Nuff said. 

Do Essential Oils Like Thieves Really Kill Germs? Annie Pryor, Ph. D. biochemistry


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