Essential Oil Brands


Yes, it’s a thing (and you thought vaccines were controversial).

There’s no point in rehashing what’s already been written so simply and with such grace…so, if you want to know my exact feelings on the oil wars, read Erin’s powerful piece, A Grace-Filled Answer to the Essential Oil Wars, at her blog The Humbled Homemaker. A few statements she makes I’d like to highlight:

  • I don’t place my loyalty in brands. I place it in people.
  • When I do purchase from one of the major brands, I have certain representatives whom I will give my patronage.
  • Tummies must be filled first.
  • And as far as natural healing goes? There are many, many natural remedies. Oils are just one. And ultimately? God is the Great Healer–with oils or without. (AMEN!)

So far I have tried oils from 3 different companies: Young Living, Plant Therapy, and Heritage Essential Oils. The first person to talk to me about oils used Young Living, so that’s how I started (it has nothing to do with picking a side in the Oil Wars). After reading Adrienne’s extensive research and her final post Announcing the Best Essential Oils Company (part 7 of her year-long research & journey) over at Whole New Mom, I’m excited to try a few oils from Native American Nutritionals as well (once I run out of current supply).

So, which brand is the best? My oiling creed when it comes to brands…I’d rather someone buy the cheaper oils that still work (though they may need to use more of it or use it longer to see results…and no internal use without very specific research accomplished and guidance from a professional) than be intimidated by the prices of the higher end oils and buy none at all. I will post about specific oils and blends (from different companies) that have grown on me and worked for the intended use, but that does not mean I think if a fellow oily mom comes to a different conclusion that she’s wrong.

Before anybody rails on me about oil quality, I get that. Quality does matter, and affects how I use my oils from different brands (I’ll bring out those points later). But like I said before, I’d rather someone buy cheaper oils than none at all!

Can’t afford an all fresh, organic, whole-food diet? Me neither, much of the time, and my health doesn’t depend on it (yet), though I know people whose health DOES depend on it. But buying conventional whole foods is still way better than buying highly processed, soy and corn-syrup filled foods as my main diet. That’s how I view oils.

Bottom line, I don’t care what brand you buy. If you love Young Living, doTERRA, or some other high-end oils and can afford them all the time, go for it! If you can only afford $50 in oils at first to try one of Plant Therapy’s sets, that’s fine! Regardless of brand, education on safety, proper uses, and dilution ratios (especially for children), is the key to successful oiling. When it comes to EOs, knowledge is power. Do not start your oiling journey without it. DO NOT pass GO, DO NOT collect $200.

My next post will be filled with educational resources that helped me, and I hope will be a blessing and help to you!



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