Considering Cloth?

Take my Considering Cloth Quiz to help you decide whether or not to cloth diaper your little one’s bum. Since my main motivation was to save money, this quiz is based on that presupposition.

Cloth diapering is not for everyone.

But the exploding modern cloth diapering (CD) movement creates a lot of curiosity and questions for young moms. Fifteen Google searches later, you’re completely overwhelmed by the lingo, dozens of brands, systems, and laundry opinions. Slam the laptop shut.

“Forget that! It’s just a fad anyway.”

I get it–cloth diapering sounds like a new fad, but survey says your great grandmothers and (probably) grandmothers diapered their babies with prefolds and pins. Have any woman over 75 see and feel a modern cloth diaper and she just might slap you for how easy we’ve got it. I can’t wait to ask Eve, the only mother to start out without ANY mommy friends or parenting books (can you imagine?), how she cared for and potty-trained her (many) children.

(I’ll say this again: Cloth diapering is NOT for everyone.)

Modern moms choose cloth for one or more of these reasons:

  1. Save money
  2. Save the planet
  3. Save little bums from chemicals in disposables
  4. Because it’s fun–and cloth diapers are cute (disclaimer: this reason develops after you’ve actually used cloth at least 3 months)

[Notice I didn’t list that cloth saves time. Anybody who says CDing is convenient is paying someone else to spray out poopy diapers and launder 2-3 extra loads a week. But, for most moms, once cloth diapering becomes part of your daily routine (breathing), you don’t notice the extra work. You just do it.]

My main motivation was to SAVE MONEY while my husband finished school. After I passed the learning curve, cloth became surprisingly fun. Reasons 2 & 3 are just bonuses in my book.

I had no clue cloth diapering was a thing until I saw a random blog post about it. Six months pregnant with my first, I was intrigued by the idea and told Mark I wanted to give it a shot.

“Whatever you want, Babe!”

I dove in blind and learned stuff the hard way. Despite my failures, after 3 years of sticking it out I wouldn’t change a thing, and hope to help those of you considering cloth to avoid my mistakes.

In case you missed it, take my Considering Cloth Quiz to help you decide whether or not to cloth diaper your little one’s bum. Since my main motivation was to save money, this quiz is based on that presupposition.

I plan to write diaper reviews and posts on a variety of CD topics, but here are 2 tips for those considering cloth that I wish someone had shared with me…

Talk with other CDing moms in person before you purchase anything. Personal interaction with another CDing mom beats hours of scouring the Internet for answers, and WILL save you from spending more money than necessary. Ask for permission to see and touch her “stash.” Pick her brain on brands and systems, and the CD learning curve! Listen to her story. For laundering tips, find someone local (so they have the same kind of water) with a washing machine like yours (side-loading HE vs. top-loading conventional). If your friend only uses one kind of CD system or brand, ask her for names of others who have used other systems and brands. You may even score a sweet deal on lightly-used diapers or get some free fluff and accessories.

Do not buy a full stash of the same brand and system.
Start your cloth journey with a small stash of a variety of brands and systems. Figure out what you like and don’t like, and slowly add to your stash as you learn. The diapers that end up getting used a few times have a very high resale value!


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